“The guiding philosophy in my photography is the idea that all existence is filled with beauty, both fleeting and subject to constant change. It is the goal of my efforts to seek this beauty, and share its wonder with others.”

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About Tim Giraudier

Tim is a landscape and nature photographer who lives along the North Fork Willamette River, in the lush green of Oregon’s West Cascade Mountains. Having originally moved to Oregon from Hawaii in 1980, Tim’s love for the outdoors and natural world was instilled by his parents from an early age, a respect for Beauty, which continues to inform how he sees the world today.

Tim has now passionately photographed Oregon and the Pacific Northwest since 1993 when he received a Pentax 35mm SLR as a graduation present, and he has faithfully been carrying a camera ever since. In 2004, Tim officially began his photography business, Beautiful Oregon®, and within a year was able to let go of his day job and begin working full time as a photographer.

Whether photographing springtime wildflowers in the Willamette Valley, the volcanic peaks of Central Oregon, or the wild splendor of the Pacific Coast, Tim seeks to celebrate his love for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and share this vision with others. When not enjoying photography fieldwork or printing in his Westfir Studio, Tim also likes to spend time researching subject matter, campfire cooking with friends, kayaking, skiing, fishing, mushroom hunting, river swimming and enjoying all those many things which makes this beautiful place we call home, so uniquely special.

People are often interested to know what I have in my camera bag, so here’s a list of my primary equipment, and favorite accessories:

  1. Nikon D-850
  2. Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8
  3. Nikkor 16-35mm 1:4 G ED  While impressed by the Tamron 15-30mm, I more often carry the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 due to convenience of 77mm thread size.
  4. Nikkor 24-70mm 1:2.8 G ED
  5. Tamron SP 70-200 f/2.8 Di VC USD G2
  6. Nikkor 105mm AF-D 1:2.8 micro
  7. Sigma 150-600mm 1:5-6.3 DG Sport
  8. Gitzo G1325 with Kirk Enterprise ball head.
  9. B+W KSM HTC-POL MRC circular polarizing filters in 77 & 105mm
  10. Lowe Pro, small and large large camera bags depending on nature of project.
  11. Hasselblad 500CM 6×6 & 6×4.5 cm roll film camera system.
  12. Zeiss 50mm f/4.0 Distagon T*
  13. Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 Planar T*
  14. Zeiss 150mm f/4.0 Sonnar T*
  15. Sekonic L-358 flash and exposure meter.
  16. My preferred roll film is Kodak Portra 160, processed normally.
  17. Nikon F-100 35mm film back.  A fantastic option for 35mm film photography, well made, plentiful and inexpensively found in the used market.
  18. Rollei Flex   Xenar 1:3,5 75mm twin lens reflex camera.  Perhaps my all-time favorite film camera, and small enough to fit in camera bag with digital equipment.
Tim Giraudier Photographer