• Middle Fork Willamette River with light snow. Willamette National Forest, Oregon West Cascades.

Middle Fork Willamette River


With the heavy rains of winter in Oregon's Western Cascades comes the surface and subsurface movement of water through volcanic soil. This gathering of water begins to trickle into tiny forest rivulets and then creeks, until we see the raging torrent which has become the upper Middle Fork Willamette River. [...]

Middle Fork Willamette River2023-06-27T14:16:02-07:00

Wall Creek Warm Springs. Willamette National Forest, Oregon Cascades.


The Wall Creek warm spring, with its blue mineral waters and bubbling sulfur gas from the Cascades underworld is beautifully nestled amidst maple leaves, dense forest and the rush of a soothing mountain stream. Aptly called the "Meditation Pool", what it lacks with its lukewarm temperatures of 96F, it more [...]

Wall Creek Warm Springs. Willamette National Forest, Oregon Cascades.2023-06-27T12:16:30-07:00


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